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Meet the Owner

Molly Coy is the owner of A Tale Of Two Kings in Tucson, Arizona and a US Chess-certified tournament director. In addition to running many local events, she has also been a tournament director at the AZ state championships, high school nationals, and The Las Vegas International Chess Festival.

As a chess mom and an elementary school teacher who also runs a chess club, she has witnessed the benefits of chess on kids first hand. She has also seen the many links between playing chess and learning valuable life lessons.

Our Primary Instructor

Matthew Coy is a high-level chess player that has played at local tournaments, the World Open, and anything in between. He is an instructor at AZ Chess for Schools Summer Camp in Tucson providing chess lessons privately or in small groups. Matthew has a strong passion for playing chess and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.


Coached the 2020 1st Grade State Champion from the AZ State Grade Championship

100% Of his students who play in tournaments qualified for the 2020 AZ State Championship at the first qualifier offered.

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